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Cardiac remote patient monitoring during different patient stages

Examples Of Remote Patient Monitoring Prevention

  • Prevention is the key pillar to fighting cardiovascular diseases. Lifestyle improvements such as healthy eating, exercise, elimination of tobacco and alcohol, high-quality sleep, and lower stress levels significantly reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • All of the patient data sets can be monitored remotely and sent to healthcare professionals in real-time. This solution brings holistic perspective to care and can prevent various patients from hospital admissions.

Example Of Remote Patient Monitoring Pre-Operative Care

  • Cardiac patients who require surgery often experience a long waiting time for their procedure.
  • Remote monitoring can improve this process by enabling physicians to detect risk factors and immediately make adjustments if needed (e.g. admitting patients earlier).

Example Of Remote Patient Monitoring Post-Operative Care

  • Cardiac patients after surgery frequently experience a fast discharge from the hospital setting and are sent home until their scheduled follow-up. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and discomfort.
  • Remote monitoring can check patients’ vital signs and immediately alert physicians if complications arise and ultimately leading to the elimination of complications and risk factors.

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