LifeQMed and the patient journey

LifeQMed was launched with the ambitious goal to cover the whole patient journey – from the pre-acute phase to rehabilitation and follow-up care.

Using state of the art biodata monitors like reusable biodata patches attached to a patients chest, LifeQMed tools can monitor a patients condition 24/7 and report to involved healthcare stakeholders in real time.

Shown below are the different stages during the patient journey, which are all covered by various aspects of the LifeQMed project.


Biodata Monitoring can be applied way before the first symptoms of a cardiological illness arise and thereby has a strong preventive aspect

(in preparation)

Patients awaiting cardiosurgery can be monitored and rapid reaction can be achieved in preparation of the surgery if necessary

(existing solution)

QS2 enables comparison of surgery outcome in cardiological patients. With its 100% market share in Austria, QS2 has a comprehensive database on relevant surgical procedures

(in preparation)

QS3 will enable outcome measurement in the field of rehabilitation and thereby make treatments and treatment plans comparable yet individualized

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