Process and Functional Scheme for Rehabilitation

1. Patient – Clinical Episode (inpatient or outpatient)

ProcessAdmission assessment of the patientPrognosis of the therapy for the patientAssessment for the following ICF CircleDischarge Assessment of the patient
OutcomePatient data according to the first assessmentTherapy plan for the first circleProcess and quality monitoringFinal report – individual comparison of the result to the prognosis
Rehabilitation Register (IN)Assessment data of the individual patientTherapy planAdaptation of the therapy planData discharge assessment
Rehabilitation Register (OUT)Scoring of the patient according to the Vienna Rehab ScoreTreatment prognosis created by the prognosis tool based on all comparable patient episodes in the rehab registryMonitoring and clinical results as well as changed therapy plans and scores according to the Vienna Rehab ScoreDetermination of the current Vienna Rehab Score and the deviation according to the prognosis tool

2. Service Provider

ProcessImport of financial data from calculation databaseQuality and outcome measurementValue-based care analysisTransfer of the data for higher-level evaluation – anonymization
OutcomeCalculated costs per patient episode and departmentOutcome measurement by patient, department and facilityValue-based care report by cost – performance parameters and scoringReconciliation report anonymized and the basis for internal improvements within the facility
Rehabilitation Register (IN)Prices per treatment assigned to patientsStructure data according to structure databaseData supplements and deviations as requiredFinal transition documentation
Rehabilitation Register (OUT)Merge of calculated costs with the patient dataOutcome measurement reportMerge of the patient and performance data and the monitoring process history as well as calculation by the value-based care toolReconciliation report formatted and anonymized according to the central evaluation criteria

3. Public Health (Science) and Central Structures

ProcessConsolidation of all data of the reconciliation reportsCreation of the national rehab report according to scoring and VBC criteria as well as comparison of service providersScientific evaluation of the data in a standardized form and in special research questionsStructure and management planning for regional and national rehabilitation care structures
OutcomeComplete document of all patient episodes within the reporting periodCentral rehab reportPublic health report rehab medicine by taking into account demographic changes and VBC scientific papersRegional rehab structure and care plan as well as the remuneration models according to VBC criteria
Rehabilitation Register (IN)Reconciliation reportsComparative catalogue of service providers with structural data adjustmentPublic Health Data such as demographic, medical, social and economic factors during the reporting periodPlanned structural and remuneration data as a database for the simulation calculation of planned structural and remuneration reforms
Rehabilitation Register (OUT)Evaluation basis of rehb medicine regionally and nationallyPerformance report nationwide to be sent back to the facilities to compare the facility with other facilities in terms of quality, score and VBC criteriaPlanning data for system adjustments and simulations as well as scientifically based forecast modelsPlanning data for system adjustments and simulations

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