About lifeQmed

LifeQmed is a healthcare project related to implementation of patient registries with the aim to enhance treatment and outcome measures and provide value-added care for the healthcare stakeholders.

Project Summary

Project Description

LifeQmed is a project in the field of register medicine and big data in healthcare, evaluating the outcome of medical treatment, bringing those into ratio with the costs and enabling comparative and prognostic models – beginning in the field of rehabilitation, alter on expending further.

Project Advantages

LifeQmed works as an outcome measurement tool, monitoring tool for individual treatment, prognostic tool for patient improvement, quality tool for clinics and medical centers, value-based evaluation tool and a tool for structural planning in the field of public health.

Unique Selling Proposition

The fundament of LifeQmed is a very strong multidisciplinary core team and stakeholders, including HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL and the University Clinic of Vienna. Members of the multidisciplinary team have experience with implementation and launch of project in the field of big healthcare data and value-based care.

Project Target

First medical field of the project is cardiovascular rehabilitation. Extension to further fields of medicine is planned. LifeQMed starts in selected countries in Europe with a roll-out potential onto many other markets worldwide.

Target Groups

LifeQmed brings significant advantages for defacto all relevant stakeholders in health care – the patients, medical experts, clinics, academia, governmental institutions, payors and technological companies. LifeQmed enables increase in quality and efficiency of healthcare provision and optimization of the healthcare system.

Project Highlights

  • OUTCOME MEASUREMENT TOOL for rehabilitation treatments
  • MONITORING TOOL for the individual rehabilitation cycle
  • PROGNOSTIC TOOL for patient improvement
  • QUALITY TOOL for rehabilitation medicine and centers
  • VALUE BASED CARE evaluation tool
  • PUBLIC HEALTH TOOL for rehabilitation structure planning

Project Vision

The vision of the lifeQmed concept is based on the idea to document and quantify the entire patient journey in the field of rehabilitation medicine and then analyse it using big data. In a controlled process, patient data will be collected in a quality management & patients registry, which serves as the data pool for further analyses.

LifeQmed is a software platform that stores, processes and analyses these patient data. Furthermore, the software offers innovative tools for outcome measurement and quality control:

The REHAB Score

generated on the lifeQmed patient registry is of advantage for all involved stakeholders and for decision making processes of in- and outpatient care.

The Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) Score

is based on the Harvard concept of the Value Based Healthcare, including financial data.

Patients in rehabilitation centres will follow an individual treatment plan by ICF* standards and benefit from a clear understanding of their progression.

Our concept provides a full quality control based on a patient registry. The constellation of our team in the field of IT, academia and business covers all relevant aspects and guarantees high efficiency.

* ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) is the WHO framework for measuring health and disability at both individual and population levels

Stakeholder Benefits

Education & Training

  • create tailor made programs for specific types and categories of patients
  • Covering the full circle from acute rehabilitation to after care
  • Modular rehab training program based on real case data (golden standard cases)


  • Patient journey
  • Clear status of progression
  • Expected outcome based on clinical data
  • Individualized medicine & treatment plan
  • Rehab program on evidence-based guidelines

Science & Public Health

  • First time structured data in a central data room in rehabilitation
  • Follow patient chain from acute care to follow-up period
  • Further research & findings


  • Tool for monitoring the improvement of quality and efficiency of the healthcare system
  • Planning of all resources


  • Allocation of money in quality with the highest possible outcome
  • Check of healthcare system
  • Planning of all resources

Technology & Support

  • React to gaps and needs in the system
  • Support high efficiency
  • Cooperation with science
  • tailor made and test their prototypes
  • Research & development support

Therapist & Physicians

  • Clear monitoring of patients and process of the therapy
  • Individual hospital-based quality insurance system
  • Use data for research
  • Comparison on international level

Hospitals & Rehab Centres

  • Comparison of quality and outcome with other institutions in the in- and outpatient areas
  • Restructure their processes for optimizing medical and financial outcome
  • Competitive advantage on the market for the reputation against other facilities and to attract better staff working for a prestigious facility

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