Stakeholder Benefits

Education & Training

  • create tailor made programs for specific types and categories of patients
  • Covering the full circle from acute rehabilitation to after care
  • Modular rehab training program based on real case data (golden standard cases)


  • Patient journey
  • Clear status of progression
  • Expected outcome based on clinical data
  • Individualized medicine & treatment plan
  • Rehab program on evidence-based guidelines

Science & Public Health

  • First time structured data in a central data room in rehabilitation
  • Follow patient chain from acute care to follow-up period
  • Further research & findings


  • Tool for monitoring the improvement of quality and efficiency of the healthcare system
  • Planning of all resources


  • Allocation of money in quality with the highest possible outcome
  • Check of healthcare system
  • Planning of all resources

Technology & Support

  • React to gaps and needs in the system
  • Support high efficiency
  • Cooperation with science
  • tailor made and test their prototypes
  • Research & development support

Therapist & Physicians

  • Clear monitoring of patients and process of the therapy
  • Individual hospital-based quality insurance system
  • Use data for research
  • Comparison on international level

Hospitals & Rehab Centres

  • Comparison of quality and outcome with other institutions in the in- and outpatient areas
  • Restructure their processes for optimizing medical and financial outcome
  • Competitive advantage on the market for the reputation against other facilities and to attract better staff working for a prestigious facility

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